Montag, November 12

Cape Town Streetdance

Nicht immer hat die Kleine Lust zum tanzen

Every weekend, I try to spend one day in Cape Town. One day, always full of beautiful memories. Last weekend, I saw an incredible dance group. It was so nice to see how emotional the smallest girl was dancing. A guard told us that this group was the fifth at this site today. However, I loved them.
When I saw them walking towards one of the most well-known marketplaces in CapeTown, you could see they had had probably a long journey. The dance group put itself in a half-circle with their tired faces. But as soon as the adult woman started to drum, thoses faces suddenly woke up from the African rhythm.The girls danced according to their ages. Like they would play a game, the youngest started. But the youngest girl didn´t know how to recognise when she should start. Therefore, she  always had to be woken up from her  dreamworld with a whistle. You could clearly see that the dances communicated a meaningful story. The more time I spent, the more money I gave. Especially the smallest girl impressed me. Later, we saw the group again heading to the train station. My suspicion was confirmed: This group has a long journey back home. Anyway, the seemed to be happy while they were dancing.
   The thought that those kids had to dance most of the weekend didn't leave my mind for a long time.

P.S.: I am trying to upload a video of them but for some reason is doesn't want to work.

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